Our Founder

Chung Ngin Zhun the founder of Rhodomaxx from Tawau, Sabah is passionate about transitioning the world towards a circular bio-based economy.

Graduating from the HAS University of Applied Sciences specializing in the bio-based economy has helped him understand the importance of growing a sustainable economy whilst leaving a net positive impact on the environment.

Looking at the abundance of locally grown seaweed in Sabah has made him realize the opportunity that seaweed can play as a feedstock of the circular economy.

Our Story

Rhodomaxx is a company looking to turn locally grown seaweed into the feedstock of the future. Creating bio-plastics, apparel, fertilizer and feed from locally grown seaweed. Solving the world’s plastics problem and nutrient imbalances. Creating a circular economy.

What we do?

We are a Seaweed Company based in Malaysia working on using locally grown seaweed to produce bio-material and agricultural inputs.

How we do it?

We are able to create seaweed bio-material and agricultural inputs from a single manufacturing line. Harvesting the full potential of seaweed for a sustainable and circular future.

Why Seaweed?

Seaweed that requires no arable land, freshwater and agricultural inputs making it a truly sustainable raw material.

Our Primary Goals

Our Belief

We believe in harnessing the ocean’s potential by creating products that has an emphasis on circularity in creating a loop that starts and ends with the ocean.

Our Vision

Transitioning the world’s biomass stream to seaweed.

Our Mission

Producing affordable and sustainable seaweed based products for the bio-based economy.

Our Products

Ocean Mineral Feed Supplement

Multi mineral supplement for the livestock industry, that is completely natural and circular in design.

Seaweed based Bioplastics

Less toxic, smaller carbon footprint and faster decomposition.

Seaweed Fertiliser and Extract

Growth stimulation products fortified with readily bio-available trace element compounds for your crops.