Seaweed Solutions

Malaysia’s first seaweed bio-based economy’s specialist that makes the global agricultural system more circular by producing a trace element seaweed extract for the fertilizer and agricultural input market.

Our Products

Seaweed based Bioplastic

With the ocean being filled with more plastics creating such phenomena such as the pacific garbage patch. We at Rhodomaxx would like to do our part as a company in solving the problem by creating a seaweed based bioplastic.

Seaweed Mineral Feed Supplement

By extracting the ocean’s mineral naturally through the harvesting of seaweed grown in the waters of South East Asia. We at Rhodomaxx are able to produce a multi mineral supplement for the livestock industry, that is completely natural and circular in design.

Seaweed Fertiliser and Extract

At Rhodomaxx we are also producing plant growth stimulation products fortified with readily bio-available trace element compounds for your crops. With a variety of different products for different crops and uses.

Seaweed Based Bioplastics

Our seaweed based bio-plastic packaging is a heat seal-able product, which can be colored and printed on.

Our seaweed based packaging is water-resistant and can withstand dry temperatures up to 120 degree Celcius and dissolves at a temperature of 70 degree Celcius.

Our seaweed packaging material has a slight opaque tint to it. Our packaging material can be customized to include different edible vegetable fibers to create a fully edible vegetable sheet with the taste and color of a specific vegetable.

We are looking for designers and partners who are willing to test out our bio-plastics not just for packaging but also for other uses.

Seaweed Mineral Feed Supplement

We believe in providing a nutritious and complete mineral supplement to your livestock to ensure a healthy and productive farm. With our seaweed mineral supplement you can now do so by introducing our product into your watering system to ensure that each livestock has access to our mineral supplement with each sip of water.

Our target livestock to use our products are layers, breeder hens and dairy cattle. As, each of the mentioned livestock requires a significant amount of minerals and salts to be productive and healthy.

Seaweed Fertiliser and Extract

Rhodomaxx has a range of seaweed extract products for different application ranging from soil drenching to foliar application.

Rhodomaxx contains bio-available trace elements and growth stimulants to help you enhance your productivity.